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Mirrors for learning

There is something alluring about mirrors, particularly to children. They mirror whatever is in front them, they make letters look funny, they bounce sunlight off of them, and when combined with other mirrors in exploration, they reflect reflections infinitely.

Mirrors are a valuable tool for learning. We can include mirrors in all corners of he room. When you start to use them you are going to notice children interact with them. They move beyond admiring their own reflection in different funny wigs and start to see how different objects appear when reflected in the mirror. They start to use objects differently, they use the mirror as part of their play and their inquiry.

You can use for:

  • Exploring things from the natural environment with light and a mirror.
  • Construction area. In the block corner, suddenly another side is visible, the children will look at what they are building not only from the front but also as it is reflected in the mirror, you can see them thinking as they consider this other dimension to their play.
  • Pouring activity: A simple pouring/transferring activity takes on a whole new dimension when you add a couple of acrylic mirrors.
  • Support child self-image in the play environment
  • Loose part on a mirror.
  • Art. When a mirror is offered as part of an art experience the children work differently. The mirror becomes a part of what they are creating
  • Sensory explorations like clay, shaving cream, sand or salt.

So, put a mirror underneath or behind the next activity you do, or low on the wall with some toys and see how your children responds. Try not to draw their attention to the mirror, just let them discover it and see what they do.

I always had trouble to find safety glass to use with children (with the exception of a small one from Ikea) Here you have some places to find them:


If you are interested in buy some of them let me know and if some of you want to do I can manage with one only order to share the shipping rates.

27 December, 2017

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